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Detroit hustles harder and so do we at Edenz Hydro!

Edenz Hydro is a small business, a family-owned retailer that serves the Metro Detroit community. We are the best to serve your growing needs in Detroit. We offer grow lights, pest control, nutrients, controllers & meters, pots & containers, cloning & seed starting, grow tents, tools & accessories, ventilation & CO2, water purification, pumps & supplies, growing mediums and so much more.
Edenz Hydro has developed a reputation for excellence throughout the community, offering our own lines of fertilizers and empowering ordinary people to grow. We are advocates of medical caregivers, and open our doors for all caregivers throughout the Metro Detroit area, but we also encourage everyone to grow their own food, become self-sufficient and insulate yourself from the coming economic turmoil and hardships that are here and very well may worsen in the weeks and months to come.
Our Madison Heights location serves anyone in the Detroit area, as we are located nearby I-75 and I-696. We are nearby the Oakland Mall on John R. 
Additionally, you can check out our webstore for special deals and discounts at

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