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Massive Variety of Water Testing Products ::: In Stock & On Sale at Edenz Hydro!

Edenz Hydro offers a wide variety of products that are on sale for Water Testing to ensure that your crops are properly irrigated and that you have the best possible yield.
We have kits, controllers, meters, solutions, monitors and other products available for you. Check out our selection and enjoy discounts while supplies last:
Bluelab pH Probe Care Kit
Bluelab 7.0 pH Calibration Solution
$4 (marked down from $6)
Bluelab pH Controller
$610 (marked down from $749)
Bluelab pH Pen
$106.46 (marked down from $116.99)
Gardena Smart Flow Water Meter
#39.99 (marked down from $49.99)
Bluelab Probe Care Kit pH & Conductivity
$22.74 (marked down from $24.99)
General Hydroponics pH Up Liquid
$10.90 (marked down from $12.67)
General Hydroponics pH Control Kit
$18.83 (marked down from $21.89)
Bluelab Probe Care Kit for Conductivity Probes
$26.65 (marked down from $29)
Bluelab Combo Meter
$270 (marked down from $329)
Bluelab Commercial Truncheon Nutrient Meter
$136.85 (marked down from $149.99)
Bluelab pH Probe KCl Storage Solution
$17 (marked down from $20.99)
Bluelab Replacement pH Probe
$71.89 (marked down from $79)
Bluelab 2.77 EC Conductivity Solution
$16.38 (marked down from $18)
General Hydroponics pH Down Liquid
$27.16 (marked down from $31.58)
Bluelab Truncheon Meter
$132.85 (marked down from $145.99)
GroLine Waterproof Portable pH/EC/TDS Meter - HI9814
GroLine Monitor for Hydroponic Nutrients pH/TDS/Temp /w Probe

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