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Protect Your Family with Inline Fans and Carbon Filters -- Fully Stocked & On Sale Now!

Inline fans and carbon filters can help protect air quality at a time when political and socioeconomic risks have never been higher by mitigating indoor air pollution. Here's how they can be used:
  • Filtration of pollutants: Inline fans, combined with carbon filters, can effectively remove various airborne pollutants, such as particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors, and harmful gases. These systems draw in contaminated air and pass it through the carbon filter, which traps and absorbs the pollutants, purifying the air before it is circulated back into the indoor space. This helps maintain a healthier and cleaner indoor environment, reducing the impact of external crises on air quality.

  • Protection against outdoor pollutants: During a crisis, outdoor air quality can deteriorate due to factors like pollution, smoke from fires, or chemical releases. Inline fans with carbon filters can help create a positive pressure environment indoors, preventing the entry of polluted outdoor air. By circulating and filtering the air from within the controlled indoor space, these systems help maintain a safer and healthier environment.

  • Smoke and odor removal: In situations where crises lead to increased instances of fires, riots, or unrest, smoke and noxious odors can become significant concerns. Inline fans with carbon filters can effectively remove smoke particles and odors, improving indoor air quality and creating a more comfortable living or working environment.

  • Temporary shelter and emergency situations: During times of crisis, temporary shelters or emergency response centers may be set up. These facilities can benefit from inline fans and carbon filters to ensure clean and breathable air for occupants. These systems help mitigate the impact of external environmental factors on indoor air quality, providing a safer and healthier environment for those seeking refuge.

  • Portable and mobile setups: Inline fans and carbon filters are available in various sizes, including portable and mobile options. This flexibility allows for their deployment in different settings, such as temporary shelters, mobile healthcare facilities, or disaster response sites. These portable systems can be quickly set up to provide immediate air purification solutions in areas affected by crises.
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Can Fan - Max Fan
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Performance Tool Compact Gray 700W Variable Speed Garage Shop Blower Dust Fan 
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16W Monkey Fan v2.0 
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Schaefer Versa-Kool Circulation Fan w/ Tapered Guards, Cord & Mount 
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ONA® Breeze Fan 
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Active Air 10” Carbon Filter
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Hydrologic - Big Boy Carbon Filter 
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Hydrologic - Tall Boy Carbon Filter
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Can-Lite Carbon Filter 12”x40” 1800cfm
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Hydrologic Stealth RO/Small Boy Carbon Filter 
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Hydro-Logic micRO-75 Carbon/KDF85 Pre-Filter Cartridge 
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