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SAVE BIG on Microbe Life Hydroponics — Vitamins & Amino Acids and Photosynthesis Plus at Edenz Hydro!

Microbe Life Hydroponics products are designed for the Cannabis & Hemp cultivator and Vertical Farmer. Microbe Life Hydroponics bacterial products are designed to: Produce Higher Yields/Bigger Plants, Improve Vigor, Reduce Fertilizer Needs and works with ALL nutrient programs. Microbe Life Hydroponics products will work in Soil, Hydroponic, Aquaponic & Aeroponic grow environments. Ecological Laboratories Inc. who produces Microbe Life Hydroponic products, is a biotechnology company that develops and manufactures novel, proprietary, liquid microbial formulations that are capable of solving many of the most challenging environmental problems facing the world today. 
Ecological’s technologies have a proven track record of optimizing natural environmental processes to restore water quality and improve beneficial plant processes in a wide variety of environments spanning five continents. On its campus in Cape Coral, Florida, Ecological’s state-of-the-art research and manufacturing facility focuses its growing team of microbiologists and chemists on providing ever-advancing, cost-effective, sustainable solutions to the twin challenges posed by polluted water and the need to improve crop productivity.
Save big on Microbe Life products at Edenz Hydro!
Save Up to $30 on Microbe Life Vitamins & Amino Acids 
Available for $119.99 (marked down from $149.99)
Save Up to $40 on Microbe Life Photosynthesis Plus
Available for $169.59 (marked down from $211.99)

All of these products & much, much more are available to be purchased online or can be bought at either of our storefronts, located in Metro Detroit and Metro Flint.

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