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Save Hundreds of Dollars on Biobizz World Wide Organics at Edenz Hydro!

Biobizz World Wide Organics is dedicated to the production and export of organic fertilizers ensuring the highest quality of each of the products they create, as well as the result that the grower gets when they use them.
The philosophy is very simple: to make organic agriculture reach as many people as possible to minimize the impact we leave on the world we live in. Biobizz creates sustainable agriculture, encourages self-sufficiency, and highlights the importance of using natural products and methods to obtain everything we need.
Please check out the variety of Biobizz products that are currently on sale at Edenz Hydro!
Biobizz Top-Max — SAVE $18 ON THIS PRODUCT
Biobizz Top-Max is an incredibly effective 100% organic flowering strengthener with humic and fulvic acid. Humic acid allows all nutrients to be easily available and fulvic acid is there to pick them up with improved nutrient uptake. Humic and fulvic acids work together to stimulate the formation of new plant cells and to boost the energy in old plant cells.
Biobizz Root-Juice — SAVE $16 ON THIS PRODUCT
Root-Juice is a 100% organic humic acid and seaweed root product that stimulates root development and enhances the natural biological life that supports and surrounds a plant’s root system.
Fish-Mix is the most powerful fish fertilizer produced by Biobizz with very high NPK levels. The fish protein in Fish-Mix will enrich the microlife in any substrate you add it to. Use it during the grow phase and until the first two weeks of flowering to get maximum stretch and greener leaves.
Biobizz Bio-Heaven — SAVE $26 ON THIS PRODUCT
Biobizz Bio-Heaven is a plant energy booster made from organic soya bean extract. It contains L-amino acids, which increase mineral uptake by up to 95%. Plants get more building blocks to grow and accelerate the flowers while improving taste and getting rid of toxins.
Biobizz Bio-Grow is a liquid organic grow fertilizer, made from 100% Dutch sugar beet extract, that can be used in most types of soil and substrate mixtures. In essence, Bio-Grow works by activating bacteria in the soil which helps boost your plants’ vegetative growth. The natural sugars and natural potassium for plants in this Biobizz grow nutrient activate the bacterial flora in the substrate to guarantee an amazing harvest.
This Biobizz fertilizer formulation strengthens your organic crops, enriches the soil, and works with beneficial microorganisms to promote healthy, vigorous production of flowers and fruits in a natural way.
Biobizz Alg-A-Mic — SAVE $66 ON THIS PRODUCT
Alg-A-Mic is a cold-pressed organic liquid seaweed stimulant that will revitalize your plants if they have suffered from any stress or diseases.

All of these products & much, much more are available to be purchased online or can be bought at either of our storefronts, located in Metro Detroit and Metro Flint.

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